VLC beta for Android - SD memory card scanning problem

After upgrade to the latest Android 4.4.2 Kitkat on my Samsung Galaxy S4. My favorite video player VLC beta for Android no longer could detect videos on my SD card. Eventually I found a solution how to fix this problem.

note: On the screen-shots the interface is not in English. However the process is same.

1. Open context menu by pressing button left from home button
2. Go to the Settings (en) - 2nd option from bottom
3. Open folders/directories settings in media library section of the settings - 1st on top

4. Click on add custom path - on the bottom

5. A dialog box appears with text input. In my case I have movies on SD Card in directory Movies.
Therefore I had to specify path like this: /storage/extSdCard/Movies
If you mess up, you need to clear/delete the application storage. There is no other method to remove invalid directories from the application.

The directory should appear in the list. I have also used check-box to select it. However I am not sure if this is necessary. VLC should now discover files in specified folder on SD card.

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